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United States
I'm the 2nd born [by 3 minutes] of identical twins.

Married since March 18th 2006.

Current Residence: The Lone Star State
BABSCon is wrapping up tonight.
Tired, have a pretty decent time.

California charges 10 cents per grocery bag, be it a store or gas station.
Had an overall amazing time.
Have two planes to catch to get back to Texas tomorrow.

Thursday April 17th 
We [my husband, and our friend Cameron] left at 4 in the morning.

Waited for our flight & hopped on the Houston plane, took it to Phoenix Arizona.
Then Arizona, to San Francisco. 

Baggage claim, the tram, get to the hotel by 10 going on 11am or so by our time at home would have been noon going on 1.
Hotel keys didn't work. Exchanged them.

Took a bus to get groceries, were charged 10 cents for grocery bags.
Picked-up the box we had delivered to the hotel. The hotel wanted to charge a delivery fee.
We paid it to pick up the box I took it to our room.
They said we'd be comped but yet to happen.

 FRIDAY April 18th 
:iconking-bing-bing:'s birthday today!
He got a Rarity card by trade & won the tournament with it that evening!
Got a picture with Big Jim Miller as he was picking up badges.

Autographs were $20, and photos $10 per item/person.
Nicole Oliver [Princess Celestia and Cheerilee]  signed my Cheerilee.
I also gave her a Cheerilee plush.
She held it up screaming "LOOK WHAT I GOT!" excitedly. 
Even Cathy Weseluck [voice of Spike the dragon, Mayor Mare, & Coco Pommel.] Squeeled also.
THEN Peter New [Big Mac] ALSO squealed once it was quite so they started up all over again, it was crazy!

Nicole then asked me for a hug, amazing. :3

Got my Build-a-Bear Flutterhy signed by Andrea Libman. :iconandrealibman:
Cathy Weseluck signed our Build-a-Bear Spikes.
Had IDW Comics signed by Nicole Oliver, & Cathy Weseluck and then later Tara Strong.

Had a pencil sketch of Derpy & Big Mac as Changelings made by :iconrozga-chan:
I had missed meeting her, :iconking-bing-bing: & Addison met her first.
Later, I picked up the art {late, they were trying to shut down by 6.} still an awesome & talented gal.

I tried a few panels some people are embarrassing themselves.
At the writers panel "Any questions?"
Male fan: "I have had a serious crush on you, may I have your number?"
*Laughter and OOOOH in the crowd*
"...any other questions?"
Same Male Fan: "YOU WANT MY NUMBER?"

Having a good time.
We tried to hit the bar for Cam's [king bing bing] birthday but they just let us sit there for about 10 minutes...then we get menus...and...waiting on a waitress for another 10 minutes.
So, we walked out, as we did I tapped another waitress to let her know, it was his birthday.
We WERE willing to spend here, but nope.

SATURDAY April 19th 
Tara Strong!
Finally met her.
Got our Build-aBears signed. & IDW Comic.
Gave Tara Strong the Toys R Us Pillow Pal Twilight.
She liked the face.

Later that day, around the afternoon, dragged on for about 3 hours in line.
I was in line FOR Addison & Cameron.
They had to be in the card game tournament by 3:30 started at 4.

Gave Ashleigh Ball an AJ with hat plush.
Feel badly I didn't get something for everyone, but I did what I could.
I event went to the Build-a-Bear venders to try to buy additional plushies to gift to the voice actors but they were out of Spike.

Had Cameron's 
card game playmat signed for him  Addison's card.
They were preparing to shut down in 10 minutes when I finally got to the door of the autograph room.
It was nerve-wracking. 

Finally got all that accomplished.

Saw ANDY PRICE in the Artist Ally.
Been admiring the works in the portfolios he brought.
Addison commissioned a Big Mac & Derpy sharing a muffin.

I watched Heather Breckel :iconangieness: color a commission while I waited for Andy Price to return to pick up ours.
Andy Price did a water color, we have the original commission it was $60.
Even a little glitter gel pen partial border.
Worth it. We bought some art just for the bag/board to protect this one.
They were derby/big macs but still.

Addison spent $24 on a cab then realized, it's SUNDAY.
Cannot mail our box back home until tomorrow morning.
The cabdriver felt badly, so only charging $20 tomorrow to send our signed items back.

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Thanks for the watch. See you at BABScon  :)
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thanks 4 the fav!!!
PlushPrincess Feb 12, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter

Thank you for the favorite on my fearless leader Garble~ I'm so glad you enjoyed him. If you're interested in having one for yourself I'd be happy to make you one. My commissions are currently opened~ Keep in mind I have a wide rage and make just about anything ^^Leader by PlushPrincess

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