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United States
I'm the 2nd born [by 3 minutes] of identical twins.

Married since March 18th 2006.

Current Residence: The Lone Star State
Incase you didn't know, yes, I've been suicidal.
When things get me down, I stay down so I'm not brought up to be knocked down all over again and feel lower than before.

I have an appointment with my specialist on May 6th. To see about my hormone levels, and thyroid.
And my regular doctor wants to check on my hand, as my middle finger was almost broken in October, and the nail was off, since regrown and deformed my finger tip.

Having a mid-life crisis with May 3rd being my twin and my 29th birthday.
Family dosen't live past 50's usually, and I'm pushing 30, was living in the mindset of a 30 year old at 15, now near it, am not like a 60 year old but certainly feels like it minus the Social Security.

Which, I need to see about visual impairment stuff...

So, due to the storms and power outages, our refrigerator and freezer is completely dead due to the compressor going out.
Fridge is about a year & 1/2 old, warranty was for a year.
ALL my effort to store food, like bulk meats, bulk cheese, bulk frozen fruits/veggies is all gone.
My lunches for work, gone.
Everything is spoiled. I'm suffering for planning ahead, I used some of my last extra income/savings of $300 last month to stock up on food that is now gone.

I cannot afford to replace the food, replace the fridge, and keep up survival.
I haven't eaten since my packed lunch [ I made my weekend lunches on Friday, worked Fri, Sat, Sun.] 
They had been in the fridge, waiting per day.
Had my last meal Sunday around 1, it's Monday 11am.

I've spent my paycheck on art supplies last month to invest to re-sell for funds, and now am in such emotionally distraught state I haven't worked on the art.

Just having a rough time right now, and stress is literally eating my organs, making work and focus difficult.
I've lashed out at work, it has been unpleasant its an unbearable suffering I have to force a smile and move on.

Please, someone, read this.
Pass this on.
Assist, donate, tell others, please we need the help.

Ebay Listings:…

If you'd like to donate directly, our Pay Pal account is:…

My husband was laid off, we already had a hard time making ends meet before.
I've done what I could to save energy in our home & cut some costs.

I cannot make up the slack/difference I just can't.
I need to make an additional $1,400 AT LEAST per month, and I cannot on my own.

Any form of contribution is greatly appreciated!
:star: By purchasing items to assist in funding.
:star: Donating directly via PayPal.
:star: Or, simply sharing this with others to get the word out.
:heart: ~ Thank you!

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Haven't been drawing...owe a couple of works for people on Gaia.
One since February!

I'll get there.
Catarina unexpectedly had kittens in the first week of June, looking for homes for 5 kittens hope they all get a home in August.

Work, life, and just resting ....and looking up/buying G1 MLPs lately.
Still, sorry for being so late with the art.

I do plan to get it done, hopefully, before I go on a trip [again, hopefully] come October.
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Thank you for the fave! :)
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