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Activity is using a recolored version of my "MM" signature.
All they did was recolor it to red.…

my FIRST design was overlapped.

It's the exact font and similar in size.

Could be a coincidence, still.
Six, but one ...was eaten I don't know what took place.

I have a bruise bone, the finger isn't broken, but it will take 9 months for my nail to grow and it might not be normal due to the trauma....please forgive my absence.

Injured in October, and from there was told 4 months to heal.
Saw my doctor on Tuesday, now told 9 months.

One millimeter of growth about every 10 days.

I was clipping the nail weekly, it is getting to the point that is too painful with the nail and scab under it meeting now.

So, yeah, I owed art in FEBRUARY.
All the regret.
17 Oct 2014 Yami Toxic Green Devil Tail Suffering  by Missysartbook
17 Oct 2014 Yami Toxic Green Devil Tail Suffering
Art is of YamiTyger on Gaia
Sketched in mechanical pencil on computer paper.
Scanned, enlarged, & printed on cardstock.
Colored with Copic Multiliners then Copic Markers.

Art was requested, and I need the practive anyway, been several months and I'm once again behind.
Couldn't sleep, good company via texting/calling friends at ungodly hours.
Busy Sunday, like usual.
Work was stressful, like usual... yet despite my lack of sleep I made decent time and was awake.

Went out to dinner tonight, not usual, but has been for the past month or so?

Get in the car after dinner, Addison says there's bad news.
I say someone died.
He said yes, Luna.

...One of Catarina's kittens was in a neighbors truck this morning, in the engine.
Which, he started,
[around 9:30am, I was already at work] and stopped when he heard the kitten's screams.

He knocked on our door, Addison answered.
The neighbor asked Addison to identify the kitty.
Her neck was broken, she was limp, the back of her skull bloody.
It was Luna.
She was gone.

Addison buried her out in the hole, with her unborn siblings.
Luna was born around 7am June 5th.
Today is October 12th.
She lived a short life.

I just sat in the car for a while.
Finally went in, routine, let Fox out back, went to play with the kitties.
It's weird to see Mama Catarina, Mouse, the orange boys, and Garren [male name but a girl, now the only.] without Luna.

Fox still played.
Kittens still wanted pets, and lounged about.

The world still goes on.
It's simply depressing.

In a way... I'm relieved.
Luna wasn't fully black, she had some beautiful tuffs in her fur.
She was the absolute softest of all her siblings.
She was the cuddle bug of all of them.

..Just two days ago, she was chasing her own tail in the circle where her siblings joined them.. its just... upsetting.

Anyway, a bit okay with it, as with Halloween coming up I would have worried for her safety.
She's resting now, I won't have to.

I'm downhearted to have only this as our current Halloween decor by the front door though:
Halloween Cat Skeleton Decor
User Image
Before 7am our power was off.

We were 15 days late on the bill.

Have to pay a fee for the power to be back on, less than having to buy new refrigerated goods.
House is electric, so, sucks.
Means no hot water, stove, oven, alarm, nothing.
We wanted gas, it wasn't an option until after we moved in!
Could have used that.... Maybe in a couple of years after paying off credit debts we can look into solar panels and whatnot.

I'm not kidding with the ebay listings, we actually live paycheck to paycheck with 4 of us in the house.
Myself, Addison my husband, and two roommates Cameron & Jason renting rooms in our house.

I have under 30 hours a week guys.
I get like 24 at most lately.
JUST NOW make $8 an hour. Less after taxes and junk!
Do you know how much this sucks? WELL, DOES ANYONE EVEN CARE?

I'll list more stuff tonight while the power is on.
Just don't know why I'm bothering trying to survive when the payoff isn't much.

Get a paycheck, pay off everything but debt.
Get my blood drawn every 4 months.

Life's old, I'll be cynical about it and say at this point I'm just waiting to die.

Try doing the right thing, life kicks your ass.
Do the wrong thing, life STILL kicks your ass.
I'm just losing and sick of it.


Missysartbook's Profile Picture
United States
I'm the 2nd born [by 3 minutes] of identical twins.

Married since March 18th 2006.

Current Residence: The Lone Star State
Interests is using a recolored version of my "MM" signature.
All they did was recolor it to red.…

my FIRST design was overlapped.

It's the exact font and similar in size.

Could be a coincidence, still.

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Catarina unexpectedly had kittens in the first week of June, looking for homes for 5 kittens hope they all get a home in August.

Work, life, and just resting ....and looking up/buying G1 MLPs lately.
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